March 04, 2006

Out to the streets blabber

I always marvel at the fact that while it is so hard to labor, a new mom after giving birth always has that 'look' in her face. You see the feeling of contentment and profound joy beneath a sweaty face and unruly hair.

After that long walk from IBP to that 'undisclosed location' and back to IBP, i felt so haggard. My legs felt heavy, i was drenched in sweat, my clothes reeked of smoke and my face was caked with dust.

However, i'm surprised to see that we looked relatively 'fresh looking' after it all. The lifting of the proclamation is not the end though. I pray that the Supreme Court will rule on its unconstitutionality such that the probability of these excesses happening for the nth time will be lessened.

Or is it the proximity of a certain personality? Okay this is a private joke.

I'm really glad i joined the protests. I may not have shouted as loudly as the others. I may not have volunteered to hold a banner for fear that my mom will see me on tv. But the three days of expressing my idealism has taught me more than the thousand or so hours i've spent reading cases inside the comforts of my room.

Yes, i was scared. But during those times, i saw things up close. I saw what social reality really meant. I must admit, i've known these things way back when. However, seeing them up close makes them indellible. There were vendors pushing their way inside just to sell doughnuts and bottled water regardless of the mounting tension. The media men were right smack at where the action is. These people faced actual risks just going about their usual fare. To each his own duty the dangers notwithstanding.

It was amazing to see lawyers in their barongs and suits fighting to get through the ranks of uniformed men, fighting to exercise a constitutional right. The law they are practising isn't right anymore. Isn't that so ironic and doesn't it blatantly prove a fact?

At a certain point, the anti-riot policemen were pushing with their shields no other than us students. I mean us helpless group of students who are specifically stereotyped by the UP community as sheltered and without a voice. For me, that was something. But we stood still and resisted. The lawyers came to the rescue including that famous personality you may know.

I'm thinking what if the lawyers weren't there. Would we have stood still? Would we have been able to enter the shrine? And i'm thinking when it is our time, would we do the same thing? In our generation, would the situation have changed?

I hope so.

Each little move is a little step towards the future. That is why i'm glad to have been part of that group that has proved some people wrong. I'm so happy to have learned in a day what i've been learning in school for months. I'm glad to have taken the risk because it paid off a thousand fold. I'm so blessed to see hope.

A lot of things frustrate me but i hope one day, i become that good and upright lawyer, i've always dreamed of myself to be. So help me God.

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