February 25, 2006

February 24

Expecting an opinion?

Think again. I'm almost at the point of denial. Here we are again, in more or less the same circumstances as it were 20 years ago. Don't we as a country ever learn? How many EDSA's do we have to go through? It's very frustrating. Personally, i'm praying for good leaders, men who will lead in the revival of this mess called the Philippine nation.

And so at the height of it all, i went to Rob's Place and watched Memoirs of a Geisha with Dodin instead. Yes. That's what i did. I took a break from reading, had a nice little chitchat, and went home knowing more about the famous women entertainers in Japan. More often than not, our view of women entertainers are way less than how the gift of gab, talent and art of these geishas are respected -- well especially in this country. All i can do is heave a sigh of desperation really.

Now i'm back to this fantastic reality. The question is, what happens next.

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