February 25, 2006

February 24

Expecting an opinion?

Think again. I'm almost at the point of denial. Here we are again, in more or less the same circumstances as it were 20 years ago. Don't we as a country ever learn? How many EDSA's do we have to go through? It's very frustrating. Personally, i'm praying for good leaders, men who will lead in the revival of this mess called the Philippine nation.

And so at the height of it all, i went to Rob's Place and watched Memoirs of a Geisha with Dodin instead. Yes. That's what i did. I took a break from reading, had a nice little chitchat, and went home knowing more about the famous women entertainers in Japan. More often than not, our view of women entertainers are way less than how the gift of gab, talent and art of these geishas are respected -- well especially in this country. All i can do is heave a sigh of desperation really.

Now i'm back to this fantastic reality. The question is, what happens next.

February 23, 2006


Reaching heights when the night sky shines
A rhythm of magic sending sparks nigh
Urging on to get what our hearts beat
Muffling speech, only our spirits speak

It's the harmony we always try
When waves of heat don't get us by
Minds that never dare meet
But the moment rushes in to seek

That all dissension bid goodbye
To make everything seem right
But when the sun shines, it sears
And we realize all that bliss is sheer

February 13, 2006

Sadness is...

A foreboding vaccuum
A dark, bottomless pit
Sucked of all matter
Throbbing, bleeding

Where has all the color gone
Did the fire ever rage on
Why is the rain flooding the peak
I cannot breathe, darkness seeps

Every melody breathes deep pain
Overflowing, binding my movement
Frail, gaunt
I am falling...

February 10, 2006

a glimpse of THE school

Wonder what it is out here?

It's actually serene but intimidating.
High ceilings, wide but dimly lit corridors, an old imposing building.

When you look out, you see the greens.
The sunken garden on one side,
the gardens in the other.

This is our library and this is where er...
where we sleep.

Finally, this is our room
and this is where all the fun is.

February 03, 2006

I have a life too, you know

I went home to La Union for the first time since the start of the year. I had a lot of fun to compensate for a stressfull week that i anticipated after not reading during the weekend. This was after Erwin's wedding before i ate a large part of the cake.

This was taken inside the Church with my famous Auntie Edna. Well, that's because she's the type of person who can't go in between. It's either you like her or you don't.

Here, i'm with my ate and rhys - the bible bearer who marched much slower than the bride herself! He savored every second of his fame.


came from a tall, spanning tree
loving, caring, supporting.
It abounded with good fruit.
I was a seed that was planted,
nurtured, watered, fertilized.
I budded and grew.
I was a young shoot that saw birds,
butterflies, bees, grasses.
They became my friends.
I met several weathers,
strong winds, droughts, roaring storms.
I developed.
Now, this is what I am and
for all these things,
I thank God.

Rest not now

Joyful, out of that dungy body
Poignant, I stiffen in pain

Soft, still, fragile body
Stiff, I'm frozen

Cold, the warmth has left
Warm, your love still burns

Exhilarating, liberation
Jailed, scarring me forever

White, peace
Black, death

Quiet, you sleep in repose
Noise, my heart shouts

A smile in your face
While tears rain down my cheeks

Healed, your pain is gone
Stabbed, I am profusely bleeding

Born to your new life
I turn back from what I have dwelt in

I'm alone

February 01, 2006

Blog activity

All it takes is a post per month.

It's sad, i know!