January 06, 2006

A whole new world

rhys and rianne's study time during the break
Life goes fast. I've been in Quezon City since the 1st, well technically 2am of January 2. Almost a whole week has passed. I'm back to nerdy mode though not fully. Back to school. At 25.

It's 2006. I have to sink that in. That means i'm going to be 26 towards the end of this year and ugh - i'm still in school. How can i be a self made millionaire at 25? Ugh!

after a long day of shopping, tired and gaunt

Yeah, but who cares. Money does not make the world go round. I met an inspiring woman this morning, a state prosecutor at the Department of Justice. This woman is something. Accomplished as she is, she's down to earth, honest, full of life, so sure of herself. She's the type who can tell something about her accomplishments without bragging. She seems to take life like a grain of salt. She works hard i know but you see that her work does not engulf her, if you know what i mean. She's won big cases, worked with big people and handling sensitive situations and yet it comes out of her like it's nothing but you know for sure she's so much into it. My impression is that lawyers are soooo serious, soooo overworked, soooo legalistic. She isn't. You see a strong woman beneath the jolly attitude. I don't know how she does it. She appears light but heavy. I hope my impression comes accross.

If a lot of people take up law for prestige and for money, this woman did not. She is principled and would have made a lot of money in private practice but she stays where she's needed.

So maybe i won't fulfill the 25 year old millionaire dream but i'm happy. I'm blessed. I'm living. Maybe next year. Haha.

what a free cut can do

[and yeah, happy half decade.]