December 03, 2005

Christmas Wish List

After my socially relevant post, i'm going to write about materialism in accordance with the season's spirit. Haha.

For those who want to bless me, I want:

1. a nice 2006 planner, i want a small one but it's got to have ample space per day to write on
2. i'm quite vain, if you don't know, so i'm in need of picture frames and photo albums, preference: butterfly designs
3. i need a big black school bag with a lot of compartments
4. i want slippers, the cheap ones. i saw a white one, i think the brand is reva, i'm not sure but it has pink butterfly prints.
5. i want pedal pushers, the one's that go past the knees, loose and straight cut. they just seem so comfortable.
6. i want money for 4 sessions of fruit based peel from dermclinic
7. i want a refrigerator, just a small one
8. i want two extra rechargeable AA Sony Cybershot batteries
9. i want a shoe organizer, the one you hang flat against the wall with a lot of compartments, it's made of plastic
10. i want an external CD writer

More to come! :-)

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