December 27, 2005


so that's pork inihaw, inihaw na tilapia, eggplant, okra that i really don't like that much
I am Ilocano and this is what i call LUNCH! Christmas is picnic/inihaw time!

ang SAWSAWAN: tomatoes, onions, alamang, soy sauce with calamansi, fish sauce, vinegar, soy sauce with calamansi!

My sister's birthday is on the 25th and this is what we had.

oysters and seaweeds!

December 21, 2005

My oh so neglected blog

our block party!
I've been enjoying, a lot. That explains the absence. Forgive me.

Well, you know, the Christmas bug. Dwindling assignments. Malcolm Madness. This is the day the students reign over the so called 'terror' teachers at Malcolm Hall. Honestly, i only managed to see part of the show, most of what i recall, i saw during rehearsals. However, 'twas great still. I saw some schoolmates impersonate the famous profs in UP Law, not to mention the offensive emcees.

the UP lantern parade
If you are wondering why i didn't experience my first Malcolm Madness in full, Gretchel, Charm, Cecille and i went to Bahay ng Alumni to catch a concert and there we saw Giniling Festival. The three had a huge crush on Jeje, the vocalist, who i must admit is very charming. I liked the cuter background guy though, the guitarist.

Right after the show, in the season's spirit, we had a spur of the moment trip to Tagaytay! Abdel, Naomi, Gretchel, Donna, Val, Rom, Charm and I. The guys i'm mentioning in this post are my blockmates. First we toured UP LB, care of Dawna. Yes, in the middle of the spooky night, she toured us around -- so we saw the fertility tree where couples, well, fertilize, haha. There was the never ending bridge, the hard to reach infirmary and yeah the buildings' ghost stories.

dancing the Tagaytay night away
Afterwards, we went to foggy Tagaytay. It was my first time, but hell, i didn't even manage to see Taal. Well, it was soooo foggy and second, i can't stand the cold windy night. All i wanted was to curl inside the car. It was night time, all the places were closed - EXCEPT Petron Treats and there we danced the night away. Yes, at the GAS station nonetheless. Brownman Revival was playing and we danced the cold away... Fun!
Petron Treats

December 03, 2005

Christmas Wish List

After my socially relevant post, i'm going to write about materialism in accordance with the season's spirit. Haha.

For those who want to bless me, I want:

1. a nice 2006 planner, i want a small one but it's got to have ample space per day to write on
2. i'm quite vain, if you don't know, so i'm in need of picture frames and photo albums, preference: butterfly designs
3. i need a big black school bag with a lot of compartments
4. i want slippers, the cheap ones. i saw a white one, i think the brand is reva, i'm not sure but it has pink butterfly prints.
5. i want pedal pushers, the one's that go past the knees, loose and straight cut. they just seem so comfortable.
6. i want money for 4 sessions of fruit based peel from dermclinic
7. i want a refrigerator, just a small one
8. i want two extra rechargeable AA Sony Cybershot batteries
9. i want a shoe organizer, the one you hang flat against the wall with a lot of compartments, it's made of plastic
10. i want an external CD writer

More to come! :-)

Ang pagdadalaga ni Maximo

I watched Harry Potter IV last week and this week it's 'Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo' of Cinemalaya.

Wow. A big wow.

It is incredibly simple but so great and heavy in effect. It just tugs your insides to see the life of a 12 year old or so homosexual in the company of a loving and supportive family of petty criminals surviving day to day life in an urban poor community. It says that many Filipinos are in seemingly hopeless situations where bad things are so inculcated, the only way to go is down there. Well, he met this likeable policeman who encourages him to change and uplift their condition, but in the end, his crush goes with the flow anyway.

There is a scene showing an alcoholic sitting all day in front of a dilapitated out of tune piano and like everyone, he has dreams that he can never reach simply because he has no means to do it - dreams that are so out there they are almost impossible.

The movie ends with Maximo going back to school, which says that no matter how hard, one has to do something. It may succeed. It may not. The good thing is that Maximo did something. It is also the only way to go.