November 27, 2005

A date with myself

In short, two friends begged off and one was too far (aka expensive) to meet, i went out with no one but myself. My mind was soooo convinced today was Harry Potter day so i gave in; besides, i needed a break from the loooong reading assignments.

Lucky day it was, the public can ride the LRT2 for free (until now i'm at a loss why; i never heard nor saw any ad about it). All the more, the guilt of being somewhere else other than my own study table lessened. I got to Gateway at 3:20, lined up and got the 3:40 schedule. The girl at the ticket booth asked how many tickets i'm getting and i said just one. Now i realize, i'm probably just one of the handful 'society tagged' pathetic people watching movies on their own. I went straight to Cinema 4 and watched. With all the hype about the movie and the fact that I have read the book, i have no comment whatsoever. Plainly good.

After that, i checked out the Globe business centers nearby if there was an available K700i but there was none so i went to the train station back to Katipunan. Honestly, i enjoyed going out alone. I had noone to wait for. I didn't worry someone was gonna walk too far than his or her strength can carry. I was able to get a nice seat since i could get in between the couples or the families. Well, i had no one to comment with nor laugh with nor cry with but hey, at least i know i managed being alone. I have problems with that you know.

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