October 30, 2005

You gotta explain this to me

Okay. So there is this macho looking guy seating across the seat in front of me a while ago - black muscle shirt, brown leather shoes, jeans, nike cap, beard unshaven for 3 days or so, shades and a 'siga' posture. Lo and behold - he's wearing panties! Why in the world? I mean animal print, lacy garter, as in a girl's panty!

Used mom's panties because he's got no clean brief or boxers available? Or some adventure with girlfriend? Rushed out of the room and took the wrong undies? Oh great!

What a mystery!


Chureezee said...

Because he's gay, my dear. Sigh. Another one bites the dust.

mcoy said...

heh, heh.

naalala ko tuloy si phoebe:

'mmm... very manly. and, also a bit of a slut.'