October 27, 2005

Just got home

So i went there up North and spent a week. Simple simple simple life. No late night reading. No noisy highway. No traffic. No pollution. Just great food and TV and sleep. No pressure. I love it.

Well, it was not that uneventful. The trip up there was tiring. I took a Partas bus to Laoag for less than five hours then another bus to Cagayan in four. I had to walk quite a length in Ilocos Norte because the bridge in Pagudpud was cut in half or had a big gaping hole or whatever. But who would mind? I had two bags in tow, an umbrella and a fantastic view of the sea even under the rain.

But it hurt to know that the moment i got on the connecting bus the waiting cars started moving - because the bridge was fixed already! What 20 minutes can make.

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Anonymous said...

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