October 30, 2005

You gotta explain this to me

Okay. So there is this macho looking guy seating across the seat in front of me a while ago - black muscle shirt, brown leather shoes, jeans, nike cap, beard unshaven for 3 days or so, shades and a 'siga' posture. Lo and behold - he's wearing panties! Why in the world? I mean animal print, lacy garter, as in a girl's panty!

Used mom's panties because he's got no clean brief or boxers available? Or some adventure with girlfriend? Rushed out of the room and took the wrong undies? Oh great!

What a mystery!

October 29, 2005

Ten, nine, eight...

It's a countdown man. Ten days before next sem starts.

Aside from wanting to scrape of two millimeters of my facial skin, i've been desirous of nothing since the sembreak started. Well, i've had some 'anger fits' but generally, it's all been good - so that explains the complacency.

I really wanna start a business. I've had plans, a lot of them, but i've never started any. I intended to make three business plans during the break and i've done nothing. I realized now, it's not about my lack of start-up money, i've just been too easy going and i don't have enough drive to make my entrepreneurial dreams come true. Many things are cooking in my mind. A health and beauty shop, a streetfood stall, office supplies -- so many - and i don't think the ideas are totally losers. In fact, they are promising in terms of concrete opportunities, locations, market, customers' needs.

I just totally admire Allan, my grade school classmate, who's really persevering and raking in money planning events. Last time i saw him, he just came from Divisoria buying fabric for wedding gowns and i told him he'll really make it big someday and he'll be able to plan my wedding for free. I meant what i said. I can see his effort, his sincere love and joy from what he does and i want to have that exactly.

If only the desire is as intense as scraping off my epidermis.

October 27, 2005

Just got home

So i went there up North and spent a week. Simple simple simple life. No late night reading. No noisy highway. No traffic. No pollution. Just great food and TV and sleep. No pressure. I love it.

Well, it was not that uneventful. The trip up there was tiring. I took a Partas bus to Laoag for less than five hours then another bus to Cagayan in four. I had to walk quite a length in Ilocos Norte because the bridge in Pagudpud was cut in half or had a big gaping hole or whatever. But who would mind? I had two bags in tow, an umbrella and a fantastic view of the sea even under the rain.

But it hurt to know that the moment i got on the connecting bus the waiting cars started moving - because the bridge was fixed already! What 20 minutes can make.

October 15, 2005

It's so nice to be happy

Where is sleep when you need it? I mean, why in the world do i feel sleepy at 7pm when i have five inches thick of cases to read and not be sleepy at all at past 3am when i know i don't have to do anything at all but have fun in the next couple of weeks or so?

I'm officially on the last leg of a series of get togethers, which started last Thursday with my blockmates,

Friday night with my highschool barkada,

breakfast with the hot legs,

and ends tonight with my college orgmates.

After that, i'm heading straight to the bus station to spend Sunday with my family in La Union.

I'm having a truckload of fun, fun, fun. Well, not that i was so deprived of it during the semester , but i'm having an overdose definitely. I'm not complaining. At all.

October 01, 2005

Sembreak resolutions

1. I'll get a taste of HenHaw's crispy pata dipped in vinegar with onions and black sauce.

2. I'll go to Oasis on a Wednesday night for their Japanese buffet.

3. I'll have my aunt cook sauteed baguio beans with small slices of pork cooked to a crunch.

4. I'll have a dinner of porterhouse steak cooked by and eaten with my best friend.

5. I'll watch my Friends DVDs.

6. I'll sleep and hopefully get rid of my acne.

7. I'll blog about more sensible things.

8. I'll have a peaceful vacation at the tip of the island of Luzon.

9. I'll eat a lot more Kitkats and Taquitos.

10. I'll savor the width of my bed as compared to my little bunk bed in the dorm.

The opportunities lie in two weeks! I can't wait!