August 05, 2005

Ang haba ng hair ko - vanity entry

Law school may get to be the hardest period of my life but it's where i heard the most consistent positive compliment about me ever. People there say i look four years younger! Haha! Gosh, i so love law school.

You see, i'm the younger of two children and everybody says that i look older than my sister. In high school, i was told i was 'mature' for my age. That's precisely the politically correct way of saying i look old.

I don't know at what point it improved or is it not an improvement at all?

For one, i may just look young because of having what teen-agers (bah that's way too exaggerated already) usually have - pimples. At my age, i still have this freaking hormonal imbalance that leaves my face looking dirty, all the time.

Another reason might be my mind - that i'm immature for my age, so the looks get carried away by my childish attitude. There's my height, my frame, my jologs type of blue, butterfly, teenage manner of clothing.

At first, i thought they were just being nice but now that several or many (haha!) have looked "real"ly surprised and sincere in saying that they thought all the while i was their age - i got the feeling, maybe i indeed look young for one negative reason or another. Hehe.

Life is good.:-)

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