July 22, 2005

Karmic points

We saved a guy's life!

A while ago, Gretch (my blockmate) and I just caught a man falling down in an escalator. We just came from Gateway to watch a tear jerker. We were going up to Aurora when the man in front of me just fell head first. I caught him by the shirt while Gretch held on to his pants. Apparently his sleeve got caught in the railing. He didn't get to say thank you though, probably out of embarassment.

Anyway, If Only was okay. I cried in two parts, but well, i cry a lot when watching movies anyway. I don't know, but i kinda related a lot to the topic but i don't wanna elaborate. Hehe.

There will be no classes on Monday so hurrah, i can study! Haha. Nerd! Nerd! Nerd! Sadly, i still don't get to read everything!

I don't know if it was Monday when i heard that my lolo's sister was claiming the land where our house is, well, not ours but my lolo and lola's house in Caba. One they've been there for more than 30 years. Two, my lolo's name is on the tax declaration. Three, it's only now, that this ogre writes my lolo, who can barely walk at 85, is ulyanin and all - that she is the rightful owner of it.

What's worse is she even mentions my dead father's name in the letter alleging some stuff that aren't true at all!

What heart does anyone have to write a man and ask him and his wife to leave their house, when, God forbid, it's almost their time. They're both 85.

I won't even touch on the validity of her claim as it is so idiotic and baseless. It is the thought that bothers me. Eighty five year old people being evicted from a place that they considered home for decades.

Why does it take her decades to assert this claim? Why not earlier, when they were still at least not that emotionally vulnerable? I just can't seem to get the logic. It is so so so harsh! Gosh, i was so angry.

Well, i just lift it all up to God. I won't even bother to lift a finger. I'm just saddened by the thought of how my lolo and lola could have felt when they received the letter. Gosh, why are some people just so harsh.

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