June 23, 2005

Let money rain from above

Now, that i don't look forward to the 15th and 30th of the month anymore, i am so hit by the fact that life is so hard, and it worsens everyday.

Fastfood chains still had 29.95 meals when i was in college; now, around 65 bucks buy me a cheap dinner. My nephew spends as much tuition for kinder 1 as a college student does. What will be the tuition of my first child in nursery, a hundred thousand?

I thought a hundred thousand will be a good enough budget for the simplest wedding i want, but by the time i get married, i think that won't even suffice for the flowers alone.

It's so disturbing. I saved my first thirteenth month pay in a time deposit. After a year, guess what it earned, less than 300 pesos! The disgusted girl withdrew it at once and bought a home entertainment system. At least now i've watched numerous dvd's with surround sound.

Doesn't it seem so impractical to save because inflation overtakes the savings rate by a thousand miles? At least you consume your money's worth now as you spend it. Your hundred bucks now may only be a able to buy a single fudgee bar before you realize it.

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