June 23, 2005

Let money rain from above

Now, that i don't look forward to the 15th and 30th of the month anymore, i am so hit by the fact that life is so hard, and it worsens everyday.

Fastfood chains still had 29.95 meals when i was in college; now, around 65 bucks buy me a cheap dinner. My nephew spends as much tuition for kinder 1 as a college student does. What will be the tuition of my first child in nursery, a hundred thousand?

I thought a hundred thousand will be a good enough budget for the simplest wedding i want, but by the time i get married, i think that won't even suffice for the flowers alone.

It's so disturbing. I saved my first thirteenth month pay in a time deposit. After a year, guess what it earned, less than 300 pesos! The disgusted girl withdrew it at once and bought a home entertainment system. At least now i've watched numerous dvd's with surround sound.

Doesn't it seem so impractical to save because inflation overtakes the savings rate by a thousand miles? At least you consume your money's worth now as you spend it. Your hundred bucks now may only be a able to buy a single fudgee bar before you realize it.

June 16, 2005

Clever Hi 5

You know how they want you to do registration, right. Just click next, next, next.

I should have known better than that! I just clicked and then Hi-5 sent an invitation to all the contacts in my Yahoo address book! I mean, it doesn't seem to be that a big deal but hello, my address book includes the Ateneo registrar's office, some companies i applied to before, busy friends who don't like spam, high profile people who'd rather not have such an email.

Grrr! NakakaHIYA!

June 09, 2005

What a life

I spend the whole night reading. I sleep at midnight and still, it's not enough. I pray that i'll soon learn and quickly adapt to this kind of lifestyle. A freshman's nightmare, and i think i'm too old for this!

At least, i don't get homesick that much anymore.

June 01, 2005

My new life

In the past two months, i quit my job, did nothing but go out and have fun for weeks, sold my dearly beloved PC for a new love interest, moved back to QC, gave up my Masterals and enrolled in a class where almost everyone is four years younger than i am.

I'm almost 25 and thinking about it, i now have second thoughts about these things. Did i make the right decisions?

Well, aside from worrying about where i will get money for my overused Globe line and my life insurance, i'm worrying about being left behind by all my friends. I'm supposed to be building a good career in IT and here i am starting from scratch, once again.

A lot of people had asked if i really wanted to study law or what made me. When people ask me why i'm wandering about during weekdays, they ask why i'm not at work and i say i already resigned. Why - because i'm going back to school come June. Nursing? No, some other course.

Why not try my luck abroad, where i can receive truckloads (coined from Roch) of money? Why not migrate? Why not work? Why not be an entrepreneur (which by the way, is what i really want)?

The things is, i really don't know why, but here i am at this place at this time.