May 04, 2005

Stripped down to the basics

I spent another week again up there in the North. The land where stuff that i'm addicted to aren't present -- no internet, no blogs nor friendsters, no landlines, no malls, no fancy restaurants. The place is far from developed. While going to the mountain resort, the van even had to literally cross a river without a bridge and we had to take the air filter out before crossing it. Rough roads. At least there was Globe and/or Smart. There are always DVDs and sattelite TV but heck, i'd not trade looking at lush green mountains for such.

Despite the scorching heat, it was again quite another experience, though it's really not my first time.

You know those big ants whose bites hurt a lot - i know now what they taste like. I think they were fried. I can feel their legs in my tongue. There were quite a few eggs in that half a teaspoonfull. They tasted sour, sort of like adobong kangkong but a little blander.

Another thing is that the summer is often associated with the sea - beaches, sand, waves. However, swimming there associates more with rivers and falls. Rushing crystal clear water and stones beneath your bare feet. Picnics where you can just carve a sandok from a branch. Pick up firewood from anywhere around you for barbecue.

Isn't it that when you swim in say a pool, there's always a shower room where you go take a bath and change. There the shower room is the river itself. I was kind of hesitant at first to do the same but it was indeed logical. The water there is much cleaner than the NAWASA water coming out of our faucets. So i followed - after swimming to my heart's content, i shampooed and used soap and rinsed myself in the river. Quite funny, huh, you can even do laundry there!

You know, it's a privilege to still have some places where you get stripped down. Forget PS2, the food processor, the washing machine although the resort had all of those. People brought up in the cities deserve to have such experiences. I grew up contented in playing luksong tinik, tagu taguan and running around the house under a bright full moon. Nowadays, such experiences are becoming a luxury.

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