May 11, 2005

Lazy habits

So i wake up at eight, eat, read, watch tv or my fave dvds over and over again, take a bath, sleep, eat, take a bath, sleep, eat, read. Or read, sleep, eat, tv, bath, sleep. Routine, routine, but i'm still enjoying every second of it.

I'm quite anxious that May won't be enough to sate my lazy appetite because when June comes, i hope to be a responsible nerd. Hehe.

A friend asked me if i really wanted to be what i'm about to be and i said, yeah, 60%.

Man, i sacrificed a lot when i made that decision and i haven't really thought about it yet. Not just yet.

Later on, i know i'll be forced to sacrifice more. Hopefully, i'm on the right track. How would i know if i am? Life being a series of choices, makes it so complicated. Had i done this, what would it be like. Had i done that. Had i chosen this and that. Oh, the things we do and the choices we make.

Why can't i be back in kindergarten, when all i thought about was fun and games. Why can't i be like my nephew Rhyss, whose only concern is when to stop playing or when to stop watching Barney or Blues Clues?

A life so interesting. Meanwhile, i'll just surf, then eat, then sleep, then wake up and read again.

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