April 11, 2005

I am back

Back from a well deserved vacation.

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Laid back, slow paced, peaceful and stress free - though it was kinda hot.

The routine was wake up - eat - sleep - snack - sleep - tv - eat - sleep - tv - snacks - eat - sleep. What a life! There was an activity here and there, like attending Seth's graduation, going to the nearby town to access the net then going to the only bar there, i suppose, afterwards and catching butterflies at the river side.

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I've been working in the province for four years and i could say that i've lived a pretty slow paced lifestyle except for the stress of software deadlines and variable situations -- but the recent week was really slow. No restaurants. Just a few grocery stores. No traffic jams. No time constraints. No work. No appointments. No phone calls, err, yeah, there were a few.

Just the beauty of families living a normal life, eating and doing things together. I loved it.

There are really trade offs when things change.

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When you want development, you sacrifice greens for tall buildings. You invite polluting cars when you want concrete roads. You give up time for family when you engage in business. You have less time for yourself when you want to earn money. You give up handwritten and scented letters for faster communication. Instead you get shortcuts in 160 character messages because they are cheap, convenient and fast.

It's nice to live a carefree live once in a while but these things don't last a long time unless you have a bank account that will support you for a life time.

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