March 25, 2005

Holy Week

Item #1: I have the Bella Flores voice. Hoarse as a frog's. I think i'm punished for singing my lungs out with The Corrs yesterday, being Maundy Thursday.

But hey, i'm not actually Catholic. Our faith is that the Holy Week is a time for remembering that Jesus died for our sins. Instead of being quiet and all, we instead sing praises and rejoice that God so loved us that He gave His Son for us, sinners. Okay, not that singing Radio is equivalent to singing praises.

Item #2: Then that afternoon, i went out with some high school friends. These are my high school chummies, Mon and Mars. We are all monays, aren't we? Relieving memories sure was fun. It's just sad that we don't get to see each other that often. However, when we get together everything's a blast. It added to the 'paos' voice because we had to shout over the restaurant/bar's music.

Item #3: However, i actually like my voice. I'm rattling about in the house all day and feeling my voice is quite sexy. Haha.

Item #4: And abrasive. Just a while ago, i blasted someone whom i thought was soooo narrow minded and made use of my oh so good to hear voice. Nyahaha. I also called Eric, who found it very irritating.

Item #5: This is not related to my voice but as always, i am so worried right now. I have a late paper to submit on Monday and have two final exams which i haven't read for ever. Since Tuesday i've never done anything. I promise i'll start on Saturday. Aaargh. Is there a cure to procrastination?


clatot said...

hehe. naks! eh di husky ang voice mo? parang bedroom voice ba ito?

Rianne said...

exactly! ahehe.

Russ said...

Heya! since I've modified my LJ to "friends only" mode through a command that I don't know how to reverse, and you don't have an LJ account, why don't you just visit my blog: "Deny Me and Be Doomed: Ang Pagbabalik ni Negra Bandida". Hehehehe