February 22, 2005

Self control

Do you ever have a problem with this? I do, well, in certain things. The biggest of which is on phone calls.

I am so desperately trying to save money and yet here i am, calling through my cellphone like there is no tomorrow. I can't even wait for myself to cool down before talking to someone. I'm that kind of person who wants to deal with it right then and there, when it is actually better to first think things over and talk when the situation is quite better, you know. Thus, i get to have 70 minute or so phone calls, which are by the way already a normal thing to me.

If my memory lapses are an effect, maybe i deserve such a punishment.

If only i can have my Globe account cut right now, but the contract does not end til December, and i hate this line because the free 3100 that went with it got lost before it turned a month old! At least now, i got myself a power piso TM to use for calling and i use my postpaid line for texting or for emergency calls. By the way, my emergency calls are just calls i make when i am too lazy to send text messages. I hope it works. So far, it is working. Six days and i'm happy.

In fairness, i'm very practical when it comes to other things. I don't splurge on clothes because many donors give me gifts. If i ever buy unplanned, it's gotta be a sale or an ukay ukay find. I really think it over when i buy stuff worth more than a thousand. As far as i can remember, i haven't had any regrets as to my previous purchases.

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