February 04, 2005


No, its not your PocketPC nor your Palm. It's ostentatious public display of affection. If only i can show it on video.

The scene i saw at the jeepney earlier was ridiculous. Imagine two people from the rear of the driver wanting to go to the rear of the jeepney (near the door). The jeepney had 5 passengers in all so there was a lot of room, you can picture it. The girl was holding on to the leg of the guy and resting on his shoulder. The guy, without standing up, slides towards the rear, the girl following suit almost instantly without ever letting go of the leg, still cuddled with her boyfriend, in the same position, resting on his shoulder. Comedy di ba.

I may not feel right by being irritated. I mean really, it's not of my business, but still i cringe inside.

I don't know if i'm just jealous, haha, or naive, but i'm not, or narrow minded, well probably. I hate seeing guys who get into this very uncomfortable position just to get hold of their girls' opposite waists. I mean, they'd probably develop a stiff neck from Maharlika to SM up Session road doing that.

I also hate seeing those who go to the movies to do other things than watch a freaking movie.

Basta, ayoko ng PDA. Pero sa kin okay lang. Hehe. Just kidding ma.

I'm talking here and i may be one of those people too, you know, so i cut this post short. Naisip ko lang. Malapit na ang ValenTIMEs e. Ngork.

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