February 22, 2005

Self control

Do you ever have a problem with this? I do, well, in certain things. The biggest of which is on phone calls.

I am so desperately trying to save money and yet here i am, calling through my cellphone like there is no tomorrow. I can't even wait for myself to cool down before talking to someone. I'm that kind of person who wants to deal with it right then and there, when it is actually better to first think things over and talk when the situation is quite better, you know. Thus, i get to have 70 minute or so phone calls, which are by the way already a normal thing to me.

If my memory lapses are an effect, maybe i deserve such a punishment.

If only i can have my Globe account cut right now, but the contract does not end til December, and i hate this line because the free 3100 that went with it got lost before it turned a month old! At least now, i got myself a power piso TM to use for calling and i use my postpaid line for texting or for emergency calls. By the way, my emergency calls are just calls i make when i am too lazy to send text messages. I hope it works. So far, it is working. Six days and i'm happy.

In fairness, i'm very practical when it comes to other things. I don't splurge on clothes because many donors give me gifts. If i ever buy unplanned, it's gotta be a sale or an ukay ukay find. I really think it over when i buy stuff worth more than a thousand. As far as i can remember, i haven't had any regrets as to my previous purchases.

February 10, 2005

Feeling good

I was shocked last night. After a full meal, i tried my new conservative two piece swimsuit, fresh from the laundry. Oh my, have i grown fat, in the tummy, that is. I look three months on the family way.

A year earlier, i still had the guts to wear not so conservative but still conservative two piece swimsuits. I haven't been "swimming" for the past year. I say the word in quotation marks because Homer and friends might beg to defer.

Oh well, neither do i exercise, nor control my eating. I am a rectangular medium pillow nary a shape.

Sabi ko kay mama, 'e ano, may boyfriend naman na ko'. Asus. However, do girls try to look good just for guys? Absolutely not! Way not.

There's exercise. Although other or maybe most people do this to have a nice body, the benefits of exercise extend beyond that. It gets us in shape. It is good for the heart. It takes away stress. It improves our well being.

You know, i really believe that to be beautiful, it must come from within. I have a friend who is, lets just say, not handsome. However, he has a personality. He is happy and he has self confidence and when you see him, the look of his face wears off on the second minute. All you remember about him is that he is fun to be with. You'll never notice he is not handsome, if you get what i mean.

I think, the key to looking good is actually feeling good about yourself. That's when you can wear your smile and will be confident to wear whatever it is you feel like wearing.

***I edited this post because it got too controversial.:-)

February 07, 2005

High School Survey (pampaantok)

1. Name nung High school
* Trixie, inimbento ko

2: nasa top 10 ka ba?
* yeah

3: advisers:
* 1st: Ms. Fonbuena
2nd: Mrs Calicdan
3rd: Mrs Mabutas
4th: Mrs Estabillo

4: fave subject::
* mmm... Biology

5: fave teacher/s:
* marami e, Mrs Gacayan, Sir Uychoco, etc

6: fave event(s):
* Intrams at S...... ...., hehe

7: fave seatmate:
* si Mila

8: barkada:
* mon, mars, BUs, ix, halos lahat actually

9: ultimate crush:
* b (noon lang to ha)

10: clubs:
* Forum, club ba yon?

11: most embarrasing:
* Naka short shorts ako tapos nadulas ako sa gitna ng basketball court, in front of the whole COCC, CAT

12: greatest achievement:
* flirting haha! oh, i think meriting my first trip on a plane

13: highest grade:
* i don't remember

14: lowest grade nung HS:
* i have no idea, it shows, i didn't care that much about grades

15: fave tambayan:
* bahay nina reg

16: fave merienda:
* rice cake

17: most unforgettable moment:
* mmm... horror house? haha

18: greatest regret:
* not being able to cross the balance beam, hehe

19: ka-loveteam:
* si Richie Ticzon

20: bestfriend/s:
* mga barkada ko rin

21: fave expression:
* wala ata

22: were you punctual:
* no

23: did u recite in class:
* yeah

24: maporma?
* no, once a jologs, always a jologs

25: makulet?
* no

26: sipag mag-aral:
* mag cram

27: friendly:
* hindi ata

28: popular:
* ewan if i can call myself that

February 04, 2005


No, its not your PocketPC nor your Palm. It's ostentatious public display of affection. If only i can show it on video.

The scene i saw at the jeepney earlier was ridiculous. Imagine two people from the rear of the driver wanting to go to the rear of the jeepney (near the door). The jeepney had 5 passengers in all so there was a lot of room, you can picture it. The girl was holding on to the leg of the guy and resting on his shoulder. The guy, without standing up, slides towards the rear, the girl following suit almost instantly without ever letting go of the leg, still cuddled with her boyfriend, in the same position, resting on his shoulder. Comedy di ba.

I may not feel right by being irritated. I mean really, it's not of my business, but still i cringe inside.

I don't know if i'm just jealous, haha, or naive, but i'm not, or narrow minded, well probably. I hate seeing guys who get into this very uncomfortable position just to get hold of their girls' opposite waists. I mean, they'd probably develop a stiff neck from Maharlika to SM up Session road doing that.

I also hate seeing those who go to the movies to do other things than watch a freaking movie.

Basta, ayoko ng PDA. Pero sa kin okay lang. Hehe. Just kidding ma.

I'm talking here and i may be one of those people too, you know, so i cut this post short. Naisip ko lang. Malapit na ang ValenTIMEs e. Ngork.