January 30, 2005

Why do some people think like that?

Thank God my mom's thyroidectomy was successful last week. We are now praying that the biopsy will not show anything unusual. The results will be known on Thursday. Please pray with us once more. Thank you for those who showed concern and for those who prayed for her recovery.

Well, related to this, since i expected that we will be short of money, i asked an acquaintance to return the amount she borrowed last year. It took a lot of messages and explanations and until now, i've never gotten hold of any amount.

After not hearing from her for some time, one morning, she was saying something to the effect that she was collecting money for paying taxes and some bills and if possible, she'll give me my money next week. Add to it, i will be instrumental to paying her a sum in advance such that she can pay for the real taxes and large bills.

I was really stunned. Why would someone put taxes or bills over hospitalization expenses? I was really really pissed and of all people she would tell ME that. I really don't know what she was thinking or if it was plain lack of consideration or just plain tactlessness. I'm so clueless and pissed.

I mean why would someone let me worry about where to get money when in fact, i shouldn't be worrying about it in the first place because i gave her my savings. I mean, if she has no money, she can borrow from others or go to a pawnshop or whatever just because I am in need of money and she owes me.

After several exchanges, she told me she expected that my mom will be discharged from the hospital next week and so she may have thought she could pay the bills first but still it doesn't make sense to me.

If i am not stressed anymore, maybe i will understand the logic behind this or can somebody show me.

Sometimes, i think i just give when somebody says she or he is in need without mulling over the fact that someday, i will be the one in trouble.

My mom is like that, she is generous to a fault and when she's in need, the same people she's been generous to will never exert any effort to pay her back. Then she'll be the one worrying where to get the money.

When we were young, one of our relatives was constantly at the house asking to borrow money from my parents. Now that they are really rich, they've built a huge wall around their house to secure them from their neighbors whom they suspect of stealing from them. Guess what items are stolen - rubber slippers and dust cloths among other things and the nearest neighbors are US. What the hell.

It really is painstakingly difficult to understand the logic behind people's thoughts sometimes and i've become really bitter. That's why i'm praying really hard for me to be able to just let go of such bitterness and move on and regard these things as some silly stuff from the past. It's really hard, you know.


shaweeh said...

we are in the same situation right now and im pissed off, too.I badly need the money my friend borrowed fr me.I need it for my brain evoke but I ended up with nothing to pay my bill so I chose not to undergo the procedure.Worse is,she started not to answer my calls! I don't understand why do I have to end up begging for her to pay me back the amount she borrowed from me...Hope God would bug her conscience!!!Let us just pray for them

Rianne said...

Hi Sharon. Yeah, let's just pray for them. Thanks for visiting my site. I remember you from my sister's stories about her college dorm.

Christine said...

yeah right...and imagine her asking papa to get some money in his vault when he tells her he does not have enough money to give. my god! the nerve! and now, she's even telling all the neighbors that lolo and lola do not have anything to eat anymore because mama's not living with them anymore. the lowest IQ ever! we may have our differences but we still stick together as a family. she makes beso beso when everybody's looking and at the same time stabs our back! i can't really imagine!