January 10, 2005

Nervous breakdown

Balance From Previous Bill 4360.41

Current Charges

Total Fixed Charges 1090.91
Total Voice Call Charges 2326.41
Total Text Messaging Maintenance Fee 198.24
Total GPRS Charges 9.05
Total Prepaid Loading Services 50.91

Current Charges Before Taxes 3675.52
VAT 362.55
Total Current Charges 4038.07

Total Amount Due in Pesos 4098.48



Anonymous said...

joyce: wow, rich kid.

Rianne said...

How i wish rich kid ako. So i can pay my phone bills on time and not suffer from indigestion once they arrive. Talk about living above your means...

chito said...

wow! rianne parang and dami mong tinatawagan lately? Sun to Sun ka na lng kaya? :)

Rianne said...

Di rin pwede.:-( Walang sun cell site sa tinatawagan ko e.