January 20, 2005

Life is beautiful

Please pray with me.

My mom is to undergo a minor operation next week. Please pray for her and the doctor of course. There are some abnormal bulges at the lower part of either side of her throat and the doctor's gonna remove them.

These abnormal growths have been there for some time already. Good, that they're not cancerous or malignant. However, to be safe, it's better to remove them. Besides, they're quite unsightly.

I'm going to Bohol!

On a lighter note, at last, the ever unsuccessful plans are gonna happen. It was good the December plan didn't materialize; otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to take advantage of really good ticket prices at less than half the regular if i'm not mistaken.

Thus, i get to visit Tagbilaran and maybe have a short trip around Cebu. Yay! I've never been to a real vacation for some time now. I get to go around places but some business itinerary has got to be somewhere in between. Now it is purely leisure. I'm excited!


I've been a really not so diligent student since the start of this semester. I don't know it it's my work obligations or the thought that i'm not gonna finish the Masterals anyway because i'm planning something else.

I begin to read texts and they all seem new to me. Wow, i never thought these were discussed in class. What was i doing there? Maybe -- day dreaming and seating there waiting for dismissal. I feel bad, not that i am such a diligent, model student normally. It's just that, normally i'd listen so that when i review, i already have heard and understood concepts. In other words i really "re" "view" the concepts. Maybe i'm not so interested in the subjects. Maybe it's the Math. I don't know really.

Actually, i ought to be reviewing at this time yet here i am, chatting and emailing the night away. Sigh.

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