January 02, 2005

Happy New Year!

Everything is a blur. I've been going out and eating a lot for the past two weeks. I had lots and lots of fun. I've been very busy socializing. I got to see some friends and relatives i don't see quite often.

The highlights: Oasis Steak buffet night, Kahlua, Japanese food, Kuya's Bar, Baguio City!, Christmas with my family, Kahlua, brandy and wine with kins, driving around, visiting friends, FRIENDS marathon, VIDEOKE and Magic Sing!, news about friends, my concerts at the house, movie marathons, Porterhouse Steak, the Da Vinci Code (read it the whole morning of December 25th), visitors!, text messages, endless!, oh i forgot to mention the gifts.

Now, i need to cram all the school stuff that i've never touched during the period.

In my excitement, i almost have not taken any pictures.

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