January 22, 2005

Happy day

I didn't go to school because the Midterms exam was postponed to next Saturday. Am i happy? Oh well, Finance and Production Management on the same day - wow wow wee. No open notes. Exciting!

I've also been looking at my past entries. I haven't really posted any worthwhile thoughts for some time now. Maybe i haven't had any. It's just that i haven't been reading lately. Well, except for time value of money equations, utilization and standard times and inventories. What insightful ideas can emerge from there? Oh, but on second thought, i'm really in search of a brilliant business idea, to support my ugh.. whatever's gonna happen next in my life. Hehe.

This will be my first 2005 entry with pictures.

Before: Oily faces at the Junior High Prom. Ew!

After: Lanie's daughter's baptism.

Now: Kalbo at bakal

Spot the difference.

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