January 13, 2005


Yes, i am confused. I'm like at a point where i don't know where to go. It is really hard. I wanna do all sorts of things and i have a lot of choices and decisions to make.

It is like choosing a pack of chips among fifty or so choices but the chips don't give justice to what i am faced with. I've been like this for a year or maybe more than that. At times, i feel like i've planned my life up to the littlest detail and at times i feel like all i do is plan and nothing comes to fruition because when i am about to take a choice i'd have second thoughts and out comes five more choices.

It is getting crazy!

The only thing that is making me sane is the thought that at least, as a person, i can choose what i want or what i love. Other people are simply just faced with nothing but what and where they are positioned at the moment.

I think i have to reread Purpose Driven Life.


jOANNe said...

hey rianne, got a copy of purpose driven life too! but i'm taking it slow, like a chapter per week. haha. needed a longer time to reflect:-)

Rianne said...

i love it. same as da vinci code. haha.