December 08, 2004

It's the shoes

Today, i'm wearing a pair of rubber shoes, which i owned since 6th grade. Yes, you hear me right - 6th grade. Each time my mom sees me wearing this really old pair of Nikes, she just wants me to change it and discard it. It looks dilapidated and had been fixed with rugby so many times. I remember once, i went to my friend's place for a short vacation and i was just blasted why i wore this pair instead of the other pairs i have. They were just worried i can't go hiking with them and the sole may just be left behind while walking. Or perhaps he was just ashamed to introduce me wearing this piece of garbage.

This requires two explanations.

First, in grade school, i used to be among the tallest. In 1st grade, i remember that i was indeed the tallest. To my dismay, i stopped growing when i was in first year high school. Of course, i am not counting the extra millimeter/s i gained until i was 18 or so.

This explains why such a shoe still fits me until now.

Secondly, i use things until they're unuseable. I'm like that. I'm a GI, genuine ilocana. I don't discard a pen until it doesn't write anymore. I use each notebook up to the last page. Deodorants, colognes, powder are used to the last drop. As much as possible, no grain of rice should be left on my plate after eating. I wipe junk food/chip packages clean with my fingers.

I have this attitude.

I just think that each thing must be used as long as they can be used. A lot of things we use are or come in packages that are nonbiodegradable, which is bad for the environment. Some of them are produced from nonrenewable resources. Imagine the waste of manpower, labor and all other inputs that went into the production of these things when you discard them while they are still useful.

Just imagine how the rivers and mountains were when we were young. Now is a far cry from before. A lot of these things are attributed to garbage.

We all know a lot of things are wasted here so at least i feel good about contributing in my own little way, besides saving money of course. ;-)

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