December 06, 2004

From blog to biz to life

I have been mulling over my blog entries and i think i have to come up with boundaries on what to post and what not to post. When i write, i just write what's on my mind, but people sometimes judge what they see, superficially in our blogs. If you post a stupid entry, they'd think you're stupid. Sometimes you may post some serious opinion and they'd say you are trying hard. Not that i experienced any of these yet or am aware of such a situation that applies to me, but i guess it is possible.

I sometimes put a lot of thought on people's reactions because i have considerable experience on people just jumping to conclusions about other people. Those situations were real 'teachers' and all of a sudden, i woke up thinking not all people are trustworthy and not all things you see are REAL.

It is a very sad realization and i hope these so called people are not representative of the whole population. I am not that skeptical by the way but this is what i have learned over the years.

My conclusion - The hell i care about other's comments. I'll just write what i want. It's my blog and not theirs.

I read in the Inquirer yesterday that the word 'blog' is now an official dictionary entry (Webster's) so i'm proud to be part of blogger. Although livejournal and xanga have cooler functions, it is blogger and blogspot that pioneered blogging and coined the word or am i wrong here?

It's funny that an average person knows only 20% or less of all English words. However, as times pass, more and more words are added. I read that percentage somewhere i can't remember. Many things that were unthinkable when we were eight are now realities. Peter Drucker (I am not even sure. Argh! My Memory!) introduces a chapter of his management book like this.

Now, one has to run really fast just to stay in the same place.

This is so true.

Things become obsolete very fast. Companies take advantage of this and just create things and sell them even before they are perfect. Customers feedback with bugs and defects and then from such input companies can come out with version two, which is actually just supposed to be the first version. Version one was the test product so to speak. 7250 has 7250i. T610 has T630. P800 to P900 to P910i. The list goes on.

This is why small companies that cannot afford and who do not have "the name" for such a strategy are so hard up in competing much less surviving in the jungle.

How i wish, people's despicable attitudes become obsolete fast too. If it ain't good, it shouldn't survive. If it ain't nice, it should be replaced with something nicer. But why do bad things survive?

Isn't it interesting why business has forced companies to create value and make the best practices when in fact it is money that makes it go round whereas life is governed by things like love but people's lives and personalities are such a mess. Our values are deteriorating, not improving.

Okay, maybe i'm just angry today.


Anonymous said...

joyce: yeah, i know how it feels when you think twice about posting something. i had this post regarding the da vinci code book and someone i didnt know had made a comment. she said she totally disagrees with me, and that i shd make more research before coming up with conclusions.
thing is, it's my blog, so i write down what's up with ME.

Rianne said...

Mismo! Actually, naisip ko yon because of the comments in Paula Peralejo's site, She writes very well. O di ba fan. Hehe.