November 29, 2004

Sighs on a holiday

One: My Vanity

First, I don't get to enjoy any of my meals.

Second, it hurts!

Third, it is so freaking uncomfortable.

Fourth, the agony lasts for at least one year.

Fifth, my upper lip is like double its already big size originally.

Oh, it hurts!

Two: My Manana Habit

Yesterday, Sunday, i went through something unprepared. I prayed before taking it and perhaps i did okay - not so good and not so bad. However, i'm still guilty over the feeling that i could've done better. Sigh. I really don't know.

Three: My Financial Status

I am so bankrupt. Tomorrow is payday but after i pay this and that, there will be nothing. I just realized that i loaned a greater part of my savings to several people. This is why i have no 'real' savings account to speak of. It's good in a way because i still have savings and i don't get to spend it impulsively. It's bad because yeah, it's my money but it's not with me. Talk about cash flow problems and liquidity. Having no money in your wallet is depressing, isn't it?

Four: My Faraway Friends

I miss my friends. I miss talking about our silly lives and being honest without any chance of offending anyone. I miss talking about great buys and great places. I miss our very long animated chats. I miss telling stories without an occasional thought on per minute charges on my monthly billing statement. I miss meeting for projects and end up meeting for fun. I miss having crushes with them on the same people. I miss checking out girls with guy friends. I miss going out just to eat. I miss eating out. I miss complaining about the smoke in bars. I miss trying cocktails. I miss watching great bands. I miss just driving around and making fun of each other during traffic jams. Boo. Its nostalgia time.

Five: My Pimples

Sometimes they're all over my forehead. At times they're all over my jaw. They get tired and they go up again then down then up. Ugh! I'm way past teenage years and they're still there. A lot of people are suggesting taking pills, yes, birth control pills, but i don't want to. It's just really weird. I'll take them after i get married. It just doesn't look good and of course, my 'conservative' family will freak out and they won't understand.

I hope the next time i blog, it would be five happy stuff and not complaints.

If it's any consolation, life is a challenge and it isn't a life without the challenge. I got that yesterday. :-)

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