November 22, 2004

Kelan ako magkakaanak?

I am in love.

I am in love with Milience and Dos.

I went to Baguio last Saturday to attend the party of these two babies. Dos was just baptized while Milience was celebrating her second birthday. Amidst the threat of menigococcemia, i'm not even sure if i'm spelling this right, my brown skirt and boots outfit and my ignorance regarding Baguio's streets, i went to their party to see my inaanak, Milience, whom i haven't seen since her baptism.

The first is a picture of myself as a mama wannabe.

The girl is my inaanak, Zyre Milience Ami - Aspiras. The daughter of Lanie. Wondering about the name, you ask the parents. The priest said during her baptism to blame them when she gets tired and hard up writing her name in the future. She's so pretty!

The boy is Dos, Emil Glenn, his brother. He is so handsome! I carried him and i got so kilig!

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