November 08, 2004


The Rules:
1. Write something about 15 different people.
2. You can NOT say who they are.
3. If someone asks you which one is about them, you can NOT tell.

Interesting. I found this in
Russel's journal.

1. We don't complete each other. We don't complement each other. We hate each other's attitude. It's such a rough road, sometimes everything seems to have gone haywire but in the end i'm still here and you're still there. We're best of friends and we love each other unconditionally and that's all that matters. Thank you for everything.

2. Before, we were best of friends. At times, i don't admit it but i just expect that everything is exactly as it was before. I guess at a point in our lives, changes occur and no matter how ideal and nice it may sound for things to stay as they are, we just opt otherwise whether we may mean it or not. I love you just as much and as much as you love me anyway.

3. We really click but then, growing up things have become different. We cannot be happy go lucky forever. When we see each other though, nothing seems to have ever changed. I enjoy every time we spend together whether it's just a short phone conversation. I guess we're meant to be friends forever.

4. I really am awed by your strength. You don't deserve having those simultaneous life blows but everything happens for a reason. God bless.

5. I miss you so much. I really do. I am doing things now because i know it will make you happy. Yes, i know that i don't really owe it to give things back to you but i'm choosing to do it because i love you and i want to.

6. I don't really know what to tell you at times. You have things going for you and you deserve it. I cannot really influence your decisions that much but i am really praying for you.

7. Maybe you don't really know that you have the biggest influence in my life. I'm so thankful that i have come to know such really great people once in my life. I'm trying my best for those words not to come out empty out of my life. I miss you.

8. I am not really that consistent but you know i love you very much and saying 'i can give my life for you' at times can be taken for granted and honestly i cannot say that to a lot of people but for one person, i'd do it, and you deserve to be in that place.

9. You just make me really happy and i love you for that. Someday, i'll have someone like you in my life. I hope so.

10. Thank you for giving me so many opportunities. You have not been perfect but i owe you a lot.

11. Yes, i am ignoring your narrow childishness. It's not just worth my time. I prefer to be happy.

12. You were my biggest crush and i don't think you can even recognize it. I hope now you've achieved the kind of self confidence that you deserve to have.

13. I am sorry if i was unbecoming at certain or at a number of times but honestly i appreciate your loyalty, if you can call it that.

14. I believe in you. Go for it and have fun.

15. I see so much cruelty and antisocialdom in you. A number of times, it has influenced my life to depend on unreasonable motivations. I am trying hard to overcome the hurt, the inconsiderateness and the ungratefulness that you have shown us. I hope i am totally devoid of bitterness now. I want to forgive and i know i can do it. I don't deserve to be affected by you and the rest of your family.


Russ said...

hmmm...intriguing. may kilala ba ko dito sa list na to? LOL

Rianne said...

Rule number 2. :-)