October 20, 2004


Several things i want to blog about:

1. Yay, i sold some stuff. I like it when i become entrepreneurial or something. I brought goodies from my sis' now defunct store to the office and i sold quite a few items. Hehe. I know its a small amount of money and it's not even mine, but i like it when i earn money like that. Oh well, i hope in the future, i'd get to do more of such stuff.

2. When you become friends with someone, quite a few times, the person really becomes close to you and then you grow to really love him or her. You give everything for the friendship to work and you don't spare a thing. However, sometimes you see it's becoming unfair and what you get from the relationship does not amount to what you are giving to it. Well, it's wrong to expect something in return but of course, you can't help it because any relationship should be something about giving and taking. At times, you want the person to change but whatever you do and however you put so much effort, it just does not work. In the end, it is up to you to choose to accept how things are. Reality bites.

3. Two interesting jeepney rides for a picture with a red background

The past two days, i've been leaving the office early because of my need for one piece of a one inch by one inch picture with a red background - silly, huh.

Anyway, i could have had this early on but it was a disaster at Colorado, Bauang. Last week, i went there during lunch and had my picture taken. However, i had a memory lapse and i just forgot to tell the photographer that the background should be red. I have all sorts of ID pictures but hey, none of them had a red background. Red is weird. So i went back there during afternoon break and had another shot taken. After five, i was ready to look at my ID picture with the red background, but no. It was not ready. I need it reshot, again. The reason was that they forgot to rewind the film, duh, whatever. I'd have to sit down on this silly stool again in front of these two guys and i was not gonna take anymore of that. Thus, i refunded.

So, to San Fernando I'd have to go.

Monday, i rode a jeepney and sat beside the driver. You know what a jeepney looks like, i assume. Behind me were some high school students from La Union High. They were dead drunk. Some were smoking. And there was a couple who were doing an ostentatious (as ate Marjo puts it) public display of affection. Man, the guy was kissing the girl's nape! These were fourth year high school students! Poor parents you have, little kids. Alright, this PDA guy was all over his girl friend and lo, had icing on his fingers, cake icing that is. I just realized some of it got to my nice hair (haha!). The real Rianne would have faced the guy and demanded an apology or shot a really evil look at the guy but i just removed the icing silently without looking because i was afraid of em. They were drunk. I don't know, but it seemed they were even laughing at me while i was removing it. Talk about repressed anger.

So the route was the 'San Fernando' route, which goes right towards Poro Point at the monument. Near POEA, some of these students went down. The guy directly behind the driver asked for change. I'll call him yellow smoking guy.

yellow smoking guy: Manong sukli mi.
driver: Di kay pay la nagbayad. Mano kayo.
yellow smoking guy: Innem manong. Ni, madi a manong. Bayad mi tattay sangagasot.
driver: Ni, maymaysa't sangagasot ittoy.
woman in spaghetti straps: Wen, bagi mi data. Duwa naggapu Bauang.
yellow smoking guy: Haan manong, nalutong diay bayad mi.
driver: Haan a. Uray kitaem (holding a coke tin can), awan pay naawat ko.
yellow smoking guy: Madi a manong. Adda pay sukli mi. (tugs at the driver and we almost hit a tricycle)
driver: Ni tarantadot tuyen. (pulling the jeep aside)
yellow smoking guy: Manot plete aya manong.
PDA icing guy: Baamon. Siak bahala.
yellow smoking guy: Awan kwartakon.
driver: Otso maysa.
yellow smoking guy: Madi a manong. Adda pay sukli mi. Parehas a manong. Siyete ti estudyante. Sukli mi.
driver: Tarantado ka. Nabarbartek kayo. Agdamag kat sukli di ka pay nagbayad. (drives again. The yellow smoking guy tugs at him and we have several near hits.)
driver: Tarantadot toyen. Aguray ta agmanmaneho ak. Ukinnayo, ipan kay diay outpost a.
PDA icing guy: (to his girlfriend, who seems to be irritated at the PDA but does not complain anyway!) Basta kita tayo mamya sa high school a. Hatid na lang kita.
PDA feeling innocent girl: Wen promise. Haanen, siak laengen. Umayak to idiay.
driver: Tarantado, ipan kay diay a. Naglugan kay diay Family Beach. Di kayo pay nagplete.

So the jeepney goes straight to the outpost. Many wanted to get down somewhere else but the driver just requested that the kids be first sent to the outpost. When we got there, I got out instantly without looking back lest i get involved and i didn't want to and ran to the photo studio only to find out i can't wait for the picture anymore and need to go back the next day for it. It was 20 bucks cheaper than Colorado Bauang's anyway. This was Konica at Yabes.

The moral of the long story: I am shocked at how these students were behaving - alcohol, smoking, PDA, cheating. It was a Monday afternoon, the first day of the week. They surely cut afternoon classes at the least. I look back and think that back in fourth year high school, my only preoccupation was Mariah Carey and my crush. Well i guess, times change. I keep hearing it being said that kids now are a different breed. However, this change in breed i hope is not one of a deteriorating kind. I'm just depressed and feel bad for their parents. Sigh, reality really bites.

The next jeepney ride was quite tame. I just sat next to a perhaps crazy guy in his late twenties. During the whole trip, i was at the edge of my seat afraid that he might just bite me or something. And the more i inched away, the more he got close to me. So i just let it be. But all's been good, he was very silent. He was just desperately fixing his really curly, frizzy and dirty hair. I even like his attitude. He was smiling. And some bratty little kids next to me were laughing at him. (These kids i couldve blasted had the good crazy guy become mad and attacked me).

Sometimes, crazy people actually make sense as long as you treat them normally. It's just bad that, they're crazy na nga and some people laugh at them pa. I even feel guilty for feeling afraid, but well that's life and reality bites.

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