October 13, 2004

Time is gold

TV is taking too much of my time and maybe your time too. We spend like what -- three or four hours glued in front of the television watching soap operas and horrendous news items.

It is not really bad per se but look at how much time we spend watching TV shows or movies compared to the time we spend talking with our loved ones, friends or spending time improving ourselves.

Lately, i've been sleeping early. I don't know, maybe i'm just plain tired but it's been doing good to me. I've lost touch with one of my first loves which is reading. Lately, i've been reading more and i feel better. You see, the mind is stimulated more when reading rather than looking at something. If you watch it on screen, you don't have to visualize it and use your imagination. However, if you read it, your mind is exercised and you are forced to see things, maybe differently from what the author is saying. Ideas come out and you philosophize and rethink concepts you've had in the past.

Do you know that in a year you can cover all chapters of the Bible, if only you spend fifteen minutes each day to read it? Fifteen minutes is nothing compared to the whole time we spend doing other less sensible things.

At my age, i've been really thinking about my life and my options and what have you. Time flies so fast and i've wasted a lot of it. Yes, we need some amount of relaxation, of course. However, technology and all these improvements offer so many benefits but also make other significant things deteriorate.

There's the email but there's nothing like a handwritten and neatly folded letter. There are neat video games but there's nothing like a good game of hide and seek with your neighborhood friends. Sometimes, we think a lot about earning lots of money and giving a comfortable life for our families at the expense of spending time with them, which they need more than comfort i think.

It is actually hard to balance everything but maybe we ought to spend time thinking about what really means more to us and make decisions based on our priorities.


tAiFuN said...

Amen! Rom.10:17 "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." - e2 pani2wala ko pag nagbabasa ako ng Bible... like nari2nig ko naki2pag usap sakin and Panginoon...

Rianne said...

Yeah, well said. Sana i can maintain the habit.:-)