October 03, 2004


Don't you sometimes do things because of a good reason then it gets out of hand? It appears you made the biggest mistake of your life and you seem to be the most evil and stupid person in the world. Your intentions are different but they are judged otherwise.

How you're told about your mistake counts a lot. Sometimes you want it told straight. Sometimes you want them to beat around the bush. Sometimes you want it said in private. Sometimes you want everyone to know about it. You expect something and if you don't get it you are offended and hurt. However, you still must apologize and thank any one who tells you you've done something wrong.

The worst thing though is if you find about it in another way like finding out about it from another person. One thing that really pisses me off is when i find out that one person is so nice to you when you're around but keeps saying negative things when you are not listening in. Tsk. Tsk. I hate hypocrisy.

Let it pass. Let it pass. I know we all have our dose of this. Di ba?

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Anonymous said...

tama ka diyan.