October 29, 2004

Manila, Manila

Manila here i come!

Who knows how long i haven't set foot in this place. I haven't just got the time! I am working and i was studying and i had all sorts of appointments.

Tomorrow, i hope i catch a nice comfy Partas bus to QC and hopefully i can go home the same day. Please Lord. I hope by Saturday night, all people going back to the North have already gone ahead. Pleeeeeaase.

I have November 1 to spend of course at my Dad's tomb in Caba, La Union. I really don't have to go to the burial place to remember him but well heck, it's a tradition and it's also a nice way to catch up on other people i've not seen for a looooong time. Haha! Kidding but half meant!

Do you think our dead relatives still watch over us, wherever they may be right now?

Well, it's been how many years since he died, but i still remember him, A LOT. I still cry to say the least. I hope he's really happy now. I know he's happy...

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