October 09, 2004


Yes, i lost my phone.

No more 'Rianne: phone addict'. No more 'Rianne's high phone bills'. No more 'Rianne texting fast'. No more 'Rianne's one hour calls'. No more 'Rianne's fighting someone on the phone'. No more PHONE. No more 7250.

I so hate the person who stole my phone. It was just inside my pocket or my bag. It got lost on my way from UP to SM. I was sitting inside Dencio's grill and checked for text messages but it's gone. I wanted to cry and i cried. Not really cry, but shed tears because i was so mad!

Now, i have to learn how not to have a cellphone for a while.

Yes, i lost my phone. Did it sink in yet? Rianne lost the freaking phone. Someone stole the freaking phone.

Bad day. The start of sem break. The last day of school. The last exam in school. The last day of my love affair with my phone. So sad. I just put a really nice wallpaper in it this morning - Padre's Globe ad. So sad. So sad.

Rianne lost her phone. Rianne lost her phone for the first time.

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