October 24, 2004

Flowers in the backyard

I've been meaning to upload these photos but i've had no time to do so.

Anyway, i actually don't like our house. We just transferred there after college and i don't know i just hate the ambiance or whatever it is. Furthermore, we can't do anything like renovate or redesign it because the title is not yet in our possession as we haven't paid it in full. Thus, nothing will ever happen unless the owner and my mom come to terms about the price because the owner with all the weird and not so pleasant things about the house is asking too high a price for a house of that kind.

However, one sunny Sunday i just went around it and saw really nice things everywhere. It's really nice how you realize that such little simple things are actually so beautiful and you'll never notice until you stop and look at them for more than a minute or so. This is also true with our friends and loved ones. Sometimes, we always take for granted the simple things that they do to us. We only realize how good they've been in their own little ways when we stop and think about how much they care for us.

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airwind1977 said...

Saw your flowers in the backyard photo subjects they are nice. You got eyes of a lensmen o sorry lenswoman. Never thought you are that good in photography. Nice selective focus and framing.

I find your blog nice and enriching too. You are real smart.