September 30, 2004

Weng wang

Wengwang. Toxic. Hell week. What else?

I have dysmenorrhea.

There's an order of a scale whose software was only started two days ago and is due next week. Think positive and it can be done. Di ba Windy.

I have to check several software. I have to do one email signature. I have to make job descriptions, follow up several applications.

That's just the peak of the iceberg for the office. I don't even want to remember that there is a lot more.

At school, I have a comprehensive exam for Human Resource Management on Saturday. That means, i have to read one whole textbook and HR books are like what - a thousand pages thick. Sunday, i have a date.

Next week, i have another final exam for Marketing Management, another thousand pages, and my Human Resource Term Paper is due the same day. Next Sunday, i have to be in Manila for a get together with friends.

In the house, i have to clean my room. I have to remove the stack of books and papers that accumulated throughout the semester.

I have to make one testimonial at Friendster.

I have to read a chapter a day of Purpose Driven Life and i don't want to miss any. I have a reading partner.:-)

Reminders for an exciting day.

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