September 08, 2004

Purpose driven life

Lately, i was so baffled and anxious about my life's purpose, drive, direction and similar existential questions. Maybe it is the effect of realizing that i will turn 24 this month and in a year comes my silver anniversary of existence in this realm called what, i don't know.

Last Monday, I finally started something to cure the insanity at this phase in my life.

I have started Purpose Driven Life again. I say again because i started before for four days then was just hit with the idea that somebody needs the book much more than i do, so i lent it. Ironically, it was not read. It was read by maybe everyone else in my friend's house except the person i, out of my selflessness or maybe self righteousness, haha, lent the book to. They liked it though.

Last month, my sister gave the book to my friend as a birthday gift and last weekend i got my book back. Therefore, my friend and i each have an unread book. Everyone else recommends it. It is a very famous book read by a lot of people, both popular and unpopular, rich and poor, old and young.

Thus, i now have a reading partner. For 40 days, we committed ourselves to reading a chapter then sharing our thoughts and prayers afterwards, by text or by a phone call. Haha. Not so easy and cheap, by the way.

Anyway, the first two days were really good. I hope that we keep it up for a month and a half. And the book is great. You should read it too. The author is Rick Warren.

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