September 06, 2004

I want to join a rock band and... the lead singer or i can plainly just be guest singer for a male singer led band

...aside from my band's original songs, i wanna dish out 214, Bring Me Down, Lost of RiverMaya; The Corrs' Runaway, Radio and So Young; Nothing Else Matters of Metallica; rhythm guitar once a while

...wear not too loud boots and skirts during gigs and wear just a pink cheek tint and pink lip gloss famous among the cool crowd, maybe the 18-25 agegroup

...rush at 7pm because i have band rehearsals every other day barkada with my bandmates, then we'll go to parties and movies together

...not be alcoholic, not ever try drugs, not smoke

I wanna be a rocker!


Russ said...

parang gusto kitang makasama sa rock gigs dito sa manila. one time punta tayo ng mayrics. hehehe.

anyways, promote muna ko ng album ng friend ko.

please buy sugarfree's "dramachine". sobrang aliw to. just in case you're not familiar with the band, sila yung kumanta ng "mariposa" and "telepono" from their first album "sa wakas". :)

Rianne said...

wish ko lang talaga. makapunta ng Manila. hay life.