September 12, 2004

I am sad

So i am posting this stupid picture taken when i had dysmennorrhea (aw, was still quite thin here, now, not anymore) to show my mood today. Sigh. Let's cry.

When i am sad, i usually pamper myself. Don't you do that yourself? I mean, when we are sad, we wanna forget and take our minds away from this shitty thing that is happening.

Therefore, I went to the mall and had a facial. It cost me all, save for ninety pesos and a handful of coins, of what is left in my wallet but oh well, i just had to give myself a little reward. Facials are stressful too actually, especially on the part of the nose but i still consider it pampering okay. Lately, i had pimple breakouts and i don't have anymore benzoyl peroxide left and i haven't bought a replacement either so i BADLY needed a facial. I just didn't have the time but even if this day is the only day for resting, i still decided to go out to have one. Alone.

When i am sad i really do prep myself up. When i look jologs that is when i am happy because i don't care about how i look. I don't care about what people say. I am happy even if i look ugly.

Of course, i feel good about myself when my hair is combed (you see, i only do this once a day, normally -- err, before i had my hair straightened). I like it when my face is not pale and has some color in it to show that i'm actually alive. I like it when i'm dressed well -- not for other people but for myself. You see for example, i like wearing miniskirts and shorts even if i don't have the hot legs to go with them. I'm just really comfortable wearing them but i myself will agree that i look more pleasant in jeans. Despite that, i'd still go for a skirt anytime and anywhere. I like them.

Now i have a collection of butterfly clothes, sandals and accessories and wearing them makes me feel light as well.

Boo. I am sad today and it is because of one person.


Russ said...

what's with the butterflies?

Rianne said...

Dala lang ng ka OA han ng pagiging fan ko kay Mariah. :-)

Hanggang ma obsess na ko.

jOANNe said...

benzoyl peroxide? pwede bang pamputi yan? haha!

Rianne said...

hehe. pampadry lang po ng pimples.