September 16, 2004

Currently engrossed with...

... cutting damaged tips of my hair. Usually, when thinking about things like program logic, correct sentence construction and what have you, i look out the window and look at the green hills not far in the horizon. Now instead of doing that, i just cut my hair away. Mind you, it produces the same results.

... daily evening news. They're very alarming, frightening, disgusting and all but they amuse me. Seems to me like a fantasy, action, drama and comedy series all rolled into one. The stories are more complicated than the soap operas. Believe me.

... putting order to my room. I fix it one afternoon, and the next day its chaos. There is order in disorder and the law of disorder says that we put things in order towards more disorder. Does that make sense? At least for me, it does.

... choosing between a diamond peel or crystal microdermabrasion. Yet, it's not like i'm really determined to have either of the treatments. I just wanna take a few pimple scars off my jaw.

... Nothing Else Matters of Metallica, i'm not even sure if i spelled the band's name right.

... Purpose Driven Life, at times i wanna read more than one chapter per day, but i try hard not to.

... counting the days before the semestral break. After this sem, i don't know what to do. God, please show me your way.

... monitoring my body fat. Russ, hindi ako nag South Beach diet. I just cut down on rice intake and then regular low fat milk (it helps daw according to reader's digest).

Sa mga nagbabasa ng blog ko. Mag comment naman kayo. Hindi yung nakikibasa lang, hehe, kidding. Para masaya di ba. Please. Nagmakaawa raw. Ayan o sa baba may _ commented, click and comment ha. :-)

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