September 22, 2004

24 na ako

You might have noticed i've been gone for a while. It's because i'm already 24 and old. LOL.

Now, i don't spend so much time on the internet (or is it because i almost don't have internet card credit left). I have more important things to do.

I feel old because i've had too many memory lapses lately. Is it because of my cellphone? I woke up this morning and got a jolt. My phone was directly below my ears and it's volume was set to three and it was ringing, loudly. I just think maybe my memory problem has got to do with sleeping with my Nokia phone each night. And a lot of my brain cells have been damaged.

I realize that i am old because i'm always busy. Weekends come in a jiffy. It's like i haven't even rested and before i know it, i should get up early for work again.

I consider myself old because now i think of more serious things. What will i be five or ten years from now. It has caused me a lot of stress but i'm determined to live a life of purpose and it shouldn't be something to worry about.

I am old because a lot of people are asking when i will get married. Oh well, I wish (tone should be sarcastic). However, i'm still in the process of building my wedding or marriage fund. I am open to donations.

Furthermore, i feel old because i suddenly keep looking at my bank account's balance although it hasn't been changing lately. And feel good when i remember that i do have life insurance even if i don't have that much savings.

BUT. A classmate told another classmate, i look like a high school student. Yay. I love my classmate. Kutob mo, totoo ba yon.


jOANNe said...

uy in fairness, 24 isn't old enough to get married, is it? life starts at 30! hehe. curious lang, sino yung torn among you guys in the pic? he looks familiar...

Rianne said...

Siyempre hindi. Mine is 27. Ayoko ng 30 baka di na ko manganak.:-) Si Jun Nunez, baka nakita mo non sa Baguio. Don nag college e.

Russ said...

ey hapi bertdey nga pala!

Rianne said...