August 09, 2004

Soy kapitan

Yesterday, i had an encounter with a stupid, forgive the term for lack of a more appropriate adjective, barangay captain. I say stupid, because he talks A LOT about his ideas, some even baseless, and refuses or maybe cannot really understand what's being said by others.

I witnessed a council meeting as they were talking to a 22 year old who got into a brawl with the barangay captain himself. I just saw the procedure very unfair because it boiled down to a dialogue between him and the guy. He spoke a lot and allowed no interruption and spewed out a lot of 'insinuations' and second hand information and treated everything he said as the truth, as the rule. This poor guy attempts to explain and the captain says 'you say that because you were drunk'. However, the captain was drunk at that time too, so this statement can be said about him as well. The guy explains that he was provoked so he fought back. The captain said, don't give in to useless provocations. Yet, the captain himself said he fought this guy because this guy provoked him to a fight. Talk about contradicting things that you say.

At the end, i couldn't help myself and voiced out the comment that i observed that the discussion was between two people with a lot of references to other people's statements or hearsay. The other people have to be here as well. I said 'you know, if you want this guy to learn a lesson don't make the discussion boil down to one man's word against another man's.' If you say, people said this and that, they have to be here. I mean, it's the barangay captain's word. Who would the council believe, this guy who can't even speak a whole statement without interruption by the captain or the captain who is the head of the whole barangay?

He said, if i wanted that, i should have voiced it out from the very start. I said, how could i comment when i haven't seen the whole procedure. I was an outsider to this barangay. You can't evaluate something unless you've seen it, right? And he actually thought i was siding with this guy. He told me 'you can look at the cases that this guy has been involved in'. He kept on repeating these and interrupted if i explained further. I said, it was my own feedback and comment. I am not interested in this case but i'm interested with the procedure. He cannot understand. His councilmen told him 'that's a suggestion, a suggestion'. He comments this is not a court room. You could have said it from the start. He has been into a lot of trouble.

Grover. I was so pissed. I told him 'what you are saying is out of context.' He kept on blabbing, maybe he did not even understand what i said. I finally said, 'it was an observation about the procedure and not the case and that's it. discussion closed.' He still kept on blabbing. I just got out and left. Whew. My blood pressure.

Then my cousin related another encounter she had with this person.

cousin: captain, this girl was harassed. That guy held her breasts. We need to report it to the police.
captain: this is very shallow. it's a very small issue.
cousin: what if it's your daughter who experiences this.
captain: but it's not my daughter who experienced it. If you go to the police, they'll subject you to lie detector tests. they'll get your statements.
cousin: i know but we have to report it. (my cousin is a 4th year criminology student.)
captain: this is a very small issue, it need not get bigger.

Duh! How stupid!

By now, you should notice that I get into a lot of arguments with other people. Is it me or what?


Russ said...

hey rianne...i've just finished reading ALL your entries. makes me wanna go back to the province. boo-hoo. but then again, i don't think i'm ready to give up my city bullshit. oh well, life sucks, but i suck better. tee-hee!

Rianne said...

Hey Russ. If you miss La Union, you don't have to permanently naman no. Come visit us one weekend. Haha. Like may natira pa rito e no.

Russ said...

ampunin mo ko? hehehe!

Rianne said...

Oo ba. Pero weekend lang ha.