August 31, 2004

Our life's options

At times, we are faced with a lot of choices.

You want to be honest, yet you risk being misinterpreted. You want to keep mum, yet you risk betraying someone's trust. You want to find greater satisfaction, nevertheless you can't get out of your comfort zones. You want to try something new, although you know you might encounter the same errors and frustrations you have already encountered, later on. You want to let go even if something from the past make up what you are now.

Each day, we are bound to make decisions. Decisions that make us or break us. Decisions that are trivial or big things that you can't afford to make mistakes on. Decisions that make others happy or make them unhappy.

These are decisions that set a whole length of causes and effects. One move will veer you at a certain angle away from where you were previously headed before you opted for a particular alternative.

As difficult as they may be, we need to choose. Sometimes, we are forced to choose. We are lucky when we have enough time and information to think about it. We are lucky when we make the right choice. However, we do not really know, whether it's the right or the wrong choice. All we will ever know are effects that don't really spell out our accuracy.

Later on, when we are happy, we either could have been happier or could also have been miserable. When we become unhappy, we also could have been all the more miserable or we could also have been in better situations had we only chosen something else.

Yet that is how we carve our lives. That is how we live our lives. That is how we spell out who we are. We are just not lucky if we have time and wisdom, these are prayed, thought about and worked hard for.

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