August 20, 2004

Naked encounter

Woohoo. I'm back and blogging. I've been soooooooooo busy since a couple of days. Last night i barely had three hours of shut eye. But heck, don't we all. My tagboard is back! Yay. I just hope there will be no more errors this time. Tomorrow i have only one class so i think i don't wanna go anymore. It's Homer's birthday tomorrow and Myra's too. So, Baguio, Luna or Manila. Maybe Bauang, sigh. My so called life.


A naked woman just walked into our house last night. Yes. N. A. K. E. D.

So my cousin was just washing the dishes and then she just got the shock of her life when a middle aged woman she never saw in her entire life just went out of my other cousin's bedroom. She went straight to our dining room where there is a full length mirror and just took off all and i mean all her clothes. Actually, she just got the basketball shorts of my guy cousin, so it was hanging loosely on her waist.

I was not aware of these things yet because i was in my room playing with the computer. Err... yeah i'm very busy. LOL. So my mom just started shouting my name and guess why? She actually thought i was the one in front of the mirror, totally naked and scratching my head lazilly. Grover no.

So i was still clueless at this point and thought it's just some other snake that my cousin caught. Well, for your information, snakes come and go from our house. One time my cousin caught a 10 feet long snake the circumference of my big log legs. He got not just one but four bayawaks and a musang. Yeah, he has a promising career at the zoo. Haha.

Back to our visitor, i was just curious and so i looked out and there she was. Good thing she had her back to me. I just saw her butt and messy hair. She was examining herself in the mirror. So i locked my door at once.

My jittery, as white as snow cousin convinced her to go to the living room. There was a peep hole from my room to the living room so i saw her and i was soooo careful not to look down. So all i saw were her sagging breasts. She was comfortably watching TV in all her nakedness.

So in all our fright, we in some way convinced her to wear clothes. She had no underwear. We also gave her cinnamon bread and water. My mom who at this point already realized that it was not I who was walking naked in the house, has called the police for help.

us: Anong pangalan mo?
visitor: Rowena?
us: San ka galing?
visitor: Sa lupa.
us: Lupa?
visitor: Oo. Lupa. Land. Earth.
police: Tara san mo gustong pumunta
visitor: I don't like you. You're the deevel. (devil)
police: Hindi a, sa lupa nga rin ako galing e.
us: Sinong nagdala sa yo rito?
visitor: Sila! (pointing to the policemen) Hinila nila ako sa buhok. Ganito.
us: May anak ka na?
visitor: Isa. Hindi kami kasal ng asawa ko. Pero noon yon noong katoliko ako. I'm a preacher of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Bring me to the church.
police: Tara.
visitor: Sino ka ba? I don't like you.

Di ba. It's so astig. She may have gone crazy combining life and religion too much. I don't know. She definitely had an education, i can sense from how she talks. But whew. Things like this don't happen to everyone, even for a life time. Masasabi ko lang, what an experience!

Happy birthday Homer and Myra! More to come and God bless!

Bitin ba? I have no prepaid card load na e.

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