August 03, 2004


Everytime I try to leave
Something pulls me back baby
Tried and tried to let you go
But it's just impossible
Everytime we say goodbye
Bitter tear drops fill my eyes
Wish I didn't need you so
But you're irresistible

I don't wanna lose you to somebody else
But I can't go on contradicting myself
I know that it's pointless to keep holding on
But something inside tells me you're where I belong

I know that it's unrealistic to think
That things will get better
Between you and me
Cause time after time
You just shatter my heart
But when I'm without you
I feel so torn apart

Boy I wish That I didn't
Love you so (oh oo oh oo oh oh)
I try to tell you no But you're irresistible
(oh oo oh oo whoah oh)

See I only want it to be like it was
When we got together and first fell in love
Sometimes it's like I'm addicted to you
This love's so consuming
I don't know what to do

Charmbracelet, Mariah Carey

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