August 05, 2004

Big fish

Don't we sometimes make things up and eventually believe they happened? I can relate very well to this movie that i watched last night. It's about a man who tells stories and adds excitement to his life by exaggerating details and by mixing fact with fiction. His stories have bases but he chooses to view life with more color. Later on, his son complains that he never even knew his father much because he doesn't know which to believe and which to regard as tall tales. Before he died, he does some research and finds out that the characters and places of his father's tales actually exist.

I have this weird thing. I actually think of things and believe they actually happened. For example, my sister went through some funny situations that she relates to me and later on it will be so hard to even convince myself that i was not part of the event. In college, i was telling everyone she got a line of seven in her religion subject but that never happened. In homer's words, i fabricate stuff and think that these are facts. Maybe i can't separate my dream world from the real thing.

Well, Homer is forgetful while i tend to make things up and believe they are true. A lot of times, we fight about things someone has said then forgets later on; or bring up things when we fight and the other denies it ever happened. So, maybe some of those fights were of no bearing at all. Beats me.

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