August 05, 2004

Am i shy or not?

Our week's activity is about shyness and we took this quiz to determine the level of shyness in us. I got 38 out of 120. Does that mean i'm an extrovert?

I consider myself shy. I'm an introvert. Well, i'm selectively shy. I appear quiet to certain people. I appear insane to my friends. I am a blabbermouth to my family and close people. I am frank and vulgar to certain people. I am like that.

I am a fresh, easy going student at school. I am a serious employee at work but can be talkative during breaks. I am a slob in the house. I'm this self centered bitch to my cousins while i'm a kind aunt to my nieces and nephews. I am sweet to a few lucky people and a snob to everyone else.

Talk about multiple personalities or is it a manic depressive disorder. Oh well, maybe i just tend to compartmentalize my life and my personality adjusts to whatever role i am expected to fill in each situation. That means it is hard to describe me in general. I think this is true to everyone if not most people.

Thus, your answer to the question whether i am shy or not may say something about who you are in my life.

Which poem are you?

Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold

You're probably strongly political, and a pacifist. Hey, and you're also slightly depressing. You think a lot of things suck and are pointless. Congratulations!

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